Zoccai Jewelry

Product Care

As per every precious product, to maintain its integrity, beauty and value in time, the jewel should be kept with particular delicateness and respect.

The cleaning of the product may be done with a clean cloth, using clean and running water, or with soft paper that won’t scratch the materials or usure prematurily the color. Avoid using abrasive substances, soaps and whatever may ruin the jewel. You can dry the product with the cloth or with the soft paper.

Treating premium quality materials like gold title 750, gold title 375 and silver 925, we ensure that the alloys are inoxidizable (gold) and hardly inoxidizable (silver). It is strongly suggested not to wear the jewelry when having showers or baths at direct contact with soaps and cleanising products and when performing activities at contact with abrasive materials, solvents or acid substances.

We suggest to keep the jewel in its original Zoccai box for conservation, in the event of the box being missing, you can place the jewel in a clean box away from dust and sun rays.

Scratches, stains and usure marks caused by improper use will not be accepted as valid reasons for refund, returns or exchanges by Zoccai s.r.l.